March 2014 Newsletter Update

Illuminate Chicago 2014

Illuminate Chicago 2014Last month, we shared some highlights of what the Lord is doing in Chicago and how you could partner with us in encouraging, equipping, and strengthening the praying church in this city. We want to thank so many of you for how you responded to the Lord by giving gererously to this work! Through you, God has already provided over 60% of our Chicago Prayer Movement budget goal for this year in special gifts and monthly partnership increases! We thank God for the blessing of having such an amazing team of ministry partners like you!

Save the date! From April 11th-12th, the Chicago Prayer Network will be hosting Illuminate Chicago 2014. We would be honored if you would join us for 24 hours of worship and seeking God together for His purpose over the Chicagoland area. This event will be held at Trinity Community Church located at 1190 West Winchester Road, Libertyville, Illinois 60048. Iluminate Chicago 2014 will begin with an opening celebration at 8pm on Friday, April 11th, and continue until 8pm on Saturday, April 12th. We are expecting this to be a very special time and are very excited to see how God will respond to us when we join with one voice and one mind to glorify His name! Hope to see you there.

Keisman Family Update

John using his walkerWhen we look at John, we are blown away at how fast he has grown! In just a little over a month, he will be a year old! John is more mobile than ever, now that he is pulling himself up, cruising around furniture, and walking with the assistance of a walker. He is so curious and funny! We are noticing that he is more obviously imitating our physical movements, which is a good indicator that he may be ready to begin communicating through sign language. We are pretty sure that he is starting to make the hand sign for “milk” before feedings. In other news, John also caught his first cold this month (followed by Mommy and Daddy). Even as we write this, we are all under the weather and slowly recovering. Thankfully, our schedule is a bit more flexible this week than usual due to a short interim between internship tracks. Please pray for us when you receive this, that Jesus would heal and sustain us, and that we would be well for our upcoming trip this weekend.  John at the piano

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